Ok so we have finally shortlisted players who have been selected to play in the League… we are looking for players who can hold their own on court… League tournaments will be held once a month starting in February… so if you’re up for the game … join the club… email us at Clubvolleylahore@gmail.com


So finally we got our Volleyball Club going! Yay… and members are joining up which is wonderful to see! A small group of people that started the group in 2009… has now grown significantly Here is what we have planned over the next few months End June… Grading Tournament August       2nd Annual Ramadan Tournament November    League Tournament Members have to come through the network of players already on court. If you need information please feel free to mail us at ayeshahalam@yahoo.com

Club Volleyball

Ok so now we have a league planned… looking for players…If you think you play well enough to hold your own on court…contact us 🙂


4 Responses to “Club Volley”

  1. Nida Says:

    how can i join this club? is it karachi based?

    1. ayeshahalam Says:

      No we are in Lahore 🙂

      1. irfan niazi Says:

        No comments……………………….tell why

  2. murad ali Says:

    join your club

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