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So I have finally left my homeland…. I am now in Vietnam which means obviously my posts will change. And now it shall be about my settling in a foreign country. To be honest I didn’t know much about Vietnam when my husband told me of the option. Its a wonderful work experience for him and I am excited about the potential for him. Yes of course I was sad at leaving everything I had worked for my entire life and starting again literally from scratch.. but in the interest of the family.. I also knew this was a good opportunity. 

When we arrived at first everything seems alien. Different looking people… different language. My husband had us booked into a temp apartment that was in the center of the city which made the first few days relatively easier. The kids had a great pool to swim in.. shops were close by. We were in what is known as District 1.


First night in we at at a French restaurant called “Le Bouchon” where the Fois Gras is to die for. So is their French Onion soup. It was hard to believe that just the night before we were in a world so far away from the 18 hours of load shedding in Lahore or marathon strikes of Karachi. 


Touristy stuff.Have to do some of it or what’s the point. So first point of business was to find out what was worth going to visit. I have been told the Cu Chi (Pronounced Koo Chee) tunnels are quite a marvel and easy to see that the Americans never stood a chance during the Vietnam war. That knowledge pleased me and I was eager to go see these tunnels. So I asked our French friend to advise us how to go. 


Now here is the interesting thing for those of you who are interested in visiting and want to do some traveling around. You can go two ways. You could of course do the expensive tour guide thing .. hire  a boat all to yourself… get a breakfast and lunch and then the tour… that would put you back about $400. 


OR… you could go for a less peaceful option of going by private bus and be charged either $27 or $55 depending on if you take their lunch and snack or not. Or you could go really basic and take a local public bus to the Cu Chi tunnels for about $6 per person… depending on how adventurous you want to be 🙂

we will probably take more of the budget options for now and discover HCMC bit by bit ourselves. The expat community is small and it seems everyone knows everyone. Have just met a lovely Australian family who live right opposite us and loved watching the girls all hanging out together… going out to bike in the streets like normal kids should in a normal world. 

I look forward to all my discoveries to be .. and to sharing them with you. I hope you find them useful should you ever feel the need or desire to visit Saigon 🙂 Till then… ciao! Which incidentally is how locals greet each other here 🙂




Hello all!!! Teams are finally in…

Teams are not named… teams will be handing in their names to me shortly 🙂
Teams are as follows

Team A
Abdul Rehman Tahir aka Bull
Raheem Javaid
Yaser Awan
Waqar Mahmood aka Wicky
Jehanzeb Ghauri
Omer Shah
Irfan Khan

Team B
Haider Iqbal
Ghous Haroon
Osman Baig Mirza
Taimur Atta
Saad Akhtar
Faisal Zafar
Ayeshah Alam Khan

Team C
Ibrahim Sajid
Ali Shah
Salman Qureshi aka Saloo Bhai
Zohaib Zaidi aka Jogi
Yasir Sharif
Adil Candy

Team D
Omair Rana
Babar Sahabdin
Ahmed Sohail aka Bro
Adnan Umer aka AD
Zain Hussain
Bilal Zahid
Salman Naeem

Team E
Omer Qasim
Asad Abbas
Abeer Aqif
Ahmad Khan
Omer Farooq
Tajdar Chaudhry
Nauman Nadeem

This is the starter tournament for the league.. by March the dust should settle and we may add or subtract a few players depending on performance in the tourny… or if there are enough good players then add another team in for the league. Best of luck to everyone…. best of luck for the tourny… 🙂



Five players who represent Integrity and Respect for the game have been nominated as Captains for the League teams… they are as follows:

Team A: Haider Iqbal

Team B: Abdul Rehman Tahir aka Bull 🙂

Team C: Ibrahim Sajid

Team D: Omar Qasim

Team E: Omair Rana

Congrats to these fine players and lets see what magic they pull out of their teams…stay tuned for pics and updates…if you want to join the volley mania…email me at clubvolleylahore@gmail.com

Ok so we have finally shortlisted players who have been selected to play in the League… we are looking for players who can hold their own on court… League tournaments will be held once a month starting in February… so if you’re up for the game … join the club… email us at Clubvolleylahore@gmail.com


Gone are the days when we would stalk around the countless stalls of vendors selling greeting cards on New Year, Eid and Valentines. No longer do we look around for fancy writing pads to write letters to our loved ones. The only cards we receive these days are wedding invitations! That too changed recently when a first cousin of mine sent us a text via SMS inviting us for his wedding. So with this age old form of communication out, what are we doing to stay connected and share our happiness and success and even the downs of life with our near and dear ones. FACEBOOK! Yes, we do a lot of our communication through FB. facebook moral limits photo sharing 1 BonFriends 300x200 Facebook Moral Limits   Photo Sharing

I have to be honest in saying that I have to; absolutely have to check my FB at least once a day. Just to see how everyone else is doing. It gives me the opportunity to congratulate my friends on their success and at the same time provide them some sympathy and support in times of distress. So if it’s a new job, a new kid, a new vacation, a new home, a stressing boss…FB tells it all.

The most interesting tool and edge that FB has is defiantly the sharing of photo albums. There are many other websites too through which you can share photo albums but nothing beats FB!

However, one must not forget too much of anything is also not good, even on FB. And this brings me to my main point of discussion.

On a cold December morning I logged into FB wondering what exciting things have happened over the last 12 hours, since I last logged in. One of my close friends posted a comment that his nephew had passed away. A beautiful boy not more than ten years of age and he was requesting us on FB to recite verses from the Holy Quran on his death. This is normal ritual with Muslims to recite holy verses, but what shocked my soul was that along with his comment he had uploaded a picture of the boy just before his burial!

Muslim burial rites require the body to perform the ghusal (last ritual bath before burial) and then the body to be wrapped in plain white cloth before it is lowered in the grave. The boy’s picture was taken after his ghusal and was just ready for burial.

Along with this picture there were pictures of the boy when he was alive. I had not personally known the boy but for a long, long time I just sat staring at the screen simply going from picture to picture. I was comparing the boy’s salmon pink lips to the pale purple lips in death. His eye lashes were so long and bushy. His eyes had an amazing sparkle, which could no longer be seen in his death. His skin was now a pale color. The broad ear to ear smile had vanished into a silent still face. It was one of the most painful experiences I have had to endure.

facebook moral limits photo sharing 2 BonFriends e1296112634416 Facebook Moral Limits   Photo Sharing

It is not the portrayal of death that I protest against but the manner in which the pictures are put up on a social networking site! Is this the correct moral thing to do? How many of us would actually put up pictures of loved ones when they are on the last leg of their journey in this lifetime?

Human nature is such that we need constant support and encouragement not only in good times but we especially need it during our difficult times. But must the need for empathy be so graphical? Where do the boundaries for sharing pictures stop?

For original link please click here http://www.bonfriends.org/2011/01/27/facebook-moral-limits-photo-sharing/

I came across a very interesting video today that shows how the media networks are simply confirming the lies put out by the maulvis or the so called custodians of Islam…who then go on to issues fatwas or death sentences on people…mostly because of the general public having no idea of what the Quran actually says… If only more people actually picked up the Holy Book for themselves and double checked whatever they were being fed… half our issues wouldn’t exist… do take a look at the video below and let me know what you think

This has been done for so many years and for so long that most people don’t even know what the truth is anymore. IQRA…READ for yourself… Yusuf Ali does a good translation if you are looking for English… I honestly believe this is the real Jehad for today… getting the truth out to people and working against these mischief makers. The movement today is not liberals against conservatives… as I believe everyone returns to God and answers for their own soul and its not my business what my neighbour believes… but its Truth vs Lies!!

Wittingly or unwittingly, Salman Taaseer has become a bigger hero in death than he was in life. Many cynics will prefer to remind us of the kind of man he was as a husband or his business ethics. But no matter what he was like in his personal life, the fact is today he stands a hero. He was a man of courage who spoke out against a man made law that has no place in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. What is saddening to see is many who condone the murder of ST don’t even know why they are codoning it. They are just going with the flow and heresy without really understanding all the facts. So, perhaps it’s time to fight fire with fire

The blasphemy law according to the conservatives, cannot b amended. Isn’t it time that law was then used against any spiritual leader like Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman or Mufti Munib Ur Rehman. On the following grounds:

1. Misleading of Muslim Ummah
2. Maligning the reputation of Islam
3. Not following the Prophet’s (p.b.u.h) example of tolerance

Maybe it’s time for us to get involved in this Jehad. Maybe it’s time for the ones who are tolerant to stand up and be counted as make no mistake , we are being attacked. This is war. Time to fight back and what better way than to use their own tools against them. Just saying

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