Today we talked about World Tolerance day on the show amongst other things and it was interesting because we had this doctor in the studio and we discussed how we have become such an intolerant and dysfunctional society as a whole. And it boils down to education, and of course rule of law. These two basics are the reasons why we as a nation are in such a mess. Having said that it was also great to have Sheema Kermani on the show to promote her theatre play which is being performed these days at the Arts council because I truly believe it is through cultural exchanges that promotes tolerance and it is a great way to educate people specially in a country with such low literacy levels.

My children are having their school plays happening this weekend and we are so blessed to have access to a system that gives that kind of exposure to them but I would love to see some kind of exchange happen between the O level system and the govt systems where children interact with each other and learn from each other. As the doctor very clearly said the send of tolerance and acceptance has to be inculcated at the school levels when the children are young and they are able to be taught.

Well it is friday… have yourselves a great weekend… I for one am so glad i don’t have to be up at 4 tomorrow for work 🙂 though have to go in to shoot the new promo for the show…darn it… but i can’t complain coz i love my work and how many are blessed to be able to say that 🙂

have a good one!!