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The Imran Khan Jalsa was impressive. Regardless of whether you choose to support him or not… one has to give credit to the man for people showing up to show support from every walk of life and economic strata with no one misbehaving. Goes to show how hungry Pakistanis are for change and for a leader to bring them out of the abyss that Pakistan has fallen into. On Twitter it was amusing to see so much dialogue on whether he is the future or not. PTI supporters are quick to aggressively cut down and /or humiliate anyone who dares question the great Khan (which is worrying…after all we are all pushing for democracy….right?) while the anti Khan’s were hanging on every word hoping that some solid strategies and policies would be clearly marked out as to how the Khan wants to achieve what he is promising to do. Mr Khan’s speech was a bit disappointing to say the least. And though entertaining in a private setting… a potential world leader to be calling Mrs Clinton Chachi Clinton was not the way to behave. Playing to the galley one can understand but surely if one is expecting change, then one would hope that the change would be right from the beginning and teaching the awam that being respectful while having intelligent discourse is something Pakistan and Pakistanis are capable of .

Don’t get me wrong. I have admired Imran Khan for his cricket and of course his fabulous work with SKMT. Not sure of his abilities to run a country. But … if he has that much support…then maybe it may be a good idea for people to come on board to support and hold him accountable so he doesn’t make the same mistakes and fail the way Musharraf did. He clearly is popular… we ALL want change…. we are happy to watch and criticize but that’s a good thing. Imran Khan would do well to listen to all the critics and sift out the valid rational concerns from the rabbit “I hate because I love to hate him” critics. I for one would love to see someone come and turn this country into the kind of nation one feels proud to be a citizen of at the international forum instead of only being known for our weaknesses.  If that is to be Imran Khan … and I say IF…. then please… take note of the genuine concerns of those who also want change… and address them too.


It baffles the mind how muslim men can storm a place of worship… kill with such abandon and justify it in their heads as a crime that does not weigh as much as cartoonists in a foreign country. The Ahmedis have been targeted time and time again in Pakistan…a trend started by the way during Zulfiqar Bhutto’s time who wanted to please the clerics of that age. The police either are unable or don’t want to do anything to take extra measures to protect them. But judging by how things have been unfolding lately I think if the Ahmedis weren’t there …some other excuse would have been found…Its almost as if a whole generation of young men whose minds have been twisted by some warped sense of righteousness have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of filth as they see it… all the while being used by filthy people with their own selfish motives.

Is the army in control of Pakistan? What are the Intelligence agencies really doing? All these arms, ammunition, bombs…have to come from somewhere… they cost a lot of money… where is the source…surely these people couldn’t have been operating for so long in Pakistan and no one knows this? In which case who all is involved? and will they really be able to make it stop once their motives are achieved? Or will they sit smiling smoking cigars in some exotic foreign country surrounded by their ill gotten wealth and it not really matter that they leave a devastated country behind? So many questions…. where are the answers?? Is it RAW at work again as we are prone to say or just our own working on some devious complicated plan that benefits just a few?

I switched on the tv the other day and with sadness I watched a younger generation talk about Pakistani heroes and how we should honour them blah blah blah… and I realized..its the same talk we did when we were at that age…sweet innocence… and the cycle goes round but nothing ever changes. I have watched my closest most optimistic loved ones through the years lose hope and brightness and optimism as it slowly dawns on them that no matter how hard one tries…at the end of the day… it really makes no difference…. Too much has been damaged… from corruption at all levels to corrosion of all institutions… education, health, you name it…its been eroded away by bad policies and foolish people leading a country that should have had better leaders…had we had the wisdom to choose them and more  importantly create them. Today I am more saddened than usual by Pakistan and what we …the Pakistanis have allowed to happen to our motherland.

How dare we accuse the West of a wrong understanding of Islam when this is ..for the most part…the side of Islam that is most often shown? How dare we get indignant about cartoons that non muslims draw when our very own brothers are killing their own? When will the Muslims learn how to live?

A 13 year old girl is raped for 21 days by police officers…. the Police are investigating the matter… but there is no nationwide public outrage at this kind of behaviour. A journalist is accused of yellow journalism and could possibly be the the cause of the murder of an ISI agent by the Taliban and that does not get too much media coverage. Some people decide to draw cartoons that admitedly may be offensive, but I wouldn’t know as I choose not to bother to even take a look at the page as quite frankly that does not interest me. That gets everyone’s attention and we rise to defend our religion. I don’t want to get into a religious debate but I will put some quotes here that I came across.

“Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion,” [Quran, 109:6] “Whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve,” (Quran, 18:29)”There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is distinct from error,” [Quran, 2:256]

Why are messages like these from the Quran rarely if ever stated by our religous lot? Why have we as Muslims allowed the clerics with their own political agendas to hijack our religion. First of all.. your relationship with God is your business…not mine or Maulvi whatever his name is.

Another point I feel strongly about is the dangers of censorship. We are supposedly living in a democratic country and for someone else to decide for me how much information they want me to have is not something I am willing to accept. Pakistan blocked Facebook, You tube, even Twitter at some point. I believe Google fell in there somewhere too. Its like the authorities had found the perfect excuse to send us back in time when the govt of Pakistan decided to dictate to its people what they should or should not believe. All this under the banner of a democratic govt. In actual fact all this accomplished was more attention drawn to the group, and a large part of the internet community of Pakistan fighting back by finding ways around to get back on the net only to show that the choice needs to be in their individual hands.

I could understand if the offensive link was blacked out so as to avoid a backlash back home who wait for opportunities like this to show their righteous stants. but a blanket ban? seriously? How about not cutting off communication and allowing Pakistani Muslims to peacefully register their protests in the way of reasonable arguements or discussion or dialogue? The above quotes from the Quran were put up on my status on Facebook and to my horror I got an invite from a Christian person to a group hating Jews. Needless to say I didn’t join but hate mongering for any group should not be tolerated. I believe Facebook should take action against any group that aims to insult any group of people whether they are Muslims, Jews, Christians, Ahmedis, whoever. I believe all of us as a community should stand up for anyone who is treated in that way. Tolerance is not a natural trait for us humans clearly and perhaps that is something that is to be fostered. Thus I come back to the quotes from the Quran:

“Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion,” [Quran, 109:6] “Whosoever will, let him believe, and whosoever will, let him disbelieve,” (Quran, 18:29)”There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is distinct from error,” [Quran, 2:256]

So here we are… over a year since the bastions of democracy were crying blue murder after the 3rd of November debacle and governments have changed… Pakistan lost a good leader… in my opinion and yes I am aware many disagree but that’s ok… we are all free to have our opinions… and here we are… where exactly? 


I find more people depressed about Pakistan today. There is an air of despondency everywhere… no matter where you’re at…we have a so called democracy in place… and yet… we are worse of than before… in every way… and oh yes…did i happen to also mention that the media does not have the same kind of freedom it had a year ago?  so… what does that mean? what was all this screaming in the streets for? has the Judiciary been restored? These were the “mature” politicians who wanted the betterment of the country so many were clamouring for…. the politicians have matured… certainly … and know better how to get the best for themselves… where does that leave us….? Sometimes it seems like the media were screaming out for the return of these politicians just to give them more material to work with for television… but as someone wisely said… Nations get the leaders they deserve… and Pakistanis today have Zardari…. what does that say about us..

A Vision of Students Today

an interesting video… ur comments?

wow… the last couple of days have been filled with nothing but exhaustion… a classic case of too much to do and not enough hours in the day and certainly not enough energy to match the plans one needs to take care of…

Some of you sent me emails about how disappointed you were that I don’t only blog the political…:) well to be honest….I get bored with it sometimes and when one has been doing nothing but talk and hear politics as a constant…i feel good about taking a breather and talking about more banal material…like childbirth hahahahaha… as uncomfortable as that may make some of you feel

But i’m back and i’m in a mood. Which generally is not a good thing. On the last show we talked about something but I don’t know how many people got a chance to hear and react to it… were you aware that the head of the lawyers association or bar, (forgotten what its called) has threatened show cause notices to the lawyers (where the lawyers licences can be revoked)if they don’t join the demonstrations? So if there is any lawyer out there who doesn’t agree with their tactics and doesn’t want to join in their hangamas… he is in danger of losing his livelihood

And this is their version of calling for democracy? In other words… what I am understanding is …if everyone agrees with me…that means we are democratic but if you don’t…you will have hell to pay for it.?? are people seeing through this whole charade and again even by the lawyers…its all about a show of power and politics… not really about freedom of thought and expression. People who believe in a cause will be there…people who don’t…won’t … i hope the lawyers who don’t believe in the cause are brave enough to not join the multitudes who enjoy bashing the police and their cars and court arrest and then scream foul…

my two cents…. now .. ready for you to launch your comments 🙂