So I have finally left my homeland…. I am now in Vietnam which means obviously my posts will change. And now it shall be about my settling in a foreign country. To be honest I didn’t know much about Vietnam when my husband told me of the option. Its a wonderful work experience for him and I am excited about the potential for him. Yes of course I was sad at leaving everything I had worked for my entire life and starting again literally from scratch.. but in the interest of the family.. I also knew this was a good opportunity. 

When we arrived at first everything seems alien. Different looking people… different language. My husband had us booked into a temp apartment that was in the center of the city which made the first few days relatively easier. The kids had a great pool to swim in.. shops were close by. We were in what is known as District 1.


First night in we at at a French restaurant called “Le Bouchon” where the Fois Gras is to die for. So is their French Onion soup. It was hard to believe that just the night before we were in a world so far away from the 18 hours of load shedding in Lahore or marathon strikes of Karachi. 


Touristy stuff.Have to do some of it or what’s the point. So first point of business was to find out what was worth going to visit. I have been told the Cu Chi (Pronounced Koo Chee) tunnels are quite a marvel and easy to see that the Americans never stood a chance during the Vietnam war. That knowledge pleased me and I was eager to go see these tunnels. So I asked our French friend to advise us how to go. 


Now here is the interesting thing for those of you who are interested in visiting and want to do some traveling around. You can go two ways. You could of course do the expensive tour guide thing .. hire  a boat all to yourself… get a breakfast and lunch and then the tour… that would put you back about $400. 


OR… you could go for a less peaceful option of going by private bus and be charged either $27 or $55 depending on if you take their lunch and snack or not. Or you could go really basic and take a local public bus to the Cu Chi tunnels for about $6 per person… depending on how adventurous you want to be 🙂

we will probably take more of the budget options for now and discover HCMC bit by bit ourselves. The expat community is small and it seems everyone knows everyone. Have just met a lovely Australian family who live right opposite us and loved watching the girls all hanging out together… going out to bike in the streets like normal kids should in a normal world. 

I look forward to all my discoveries to be .. and to sharing them with you. I hope you find them useful should you ever feel the need or desire to visit Saigon 🙂 Till then… ciao! Which incidentally is how locals greet each other here 🙂