So so here we are…The Cricket World Cup 2011 final is days away. and as you know by now… Pakistan didn’t make it in to the finals. But we did make it into the semis. And yes…there are many pissed off Pakistanis.. I heard stories of some boys who ripped the projection screen after the match… brats… and another story of how these two men in Chakwal shot each other when Afridi was out…. hmmm idiots… they won’t get to see if Pakistan gets into the finals in 2015 now will they…. bit on the emo side our lot…but thankfully for the most part we as a nation have managed to keep our cool. We have been gracious… and so we should be considering how Pakistan has managed to change its face of hatred and anger to patriotism and good will in the span of 30 days. Give our politicians a week and they will probably bring us back to where we started but its so heartening to see we are still capable of this.


Meanwhile I have given up on my volleyball club. What was started with the intention of uniting communities from different socio economic backgrounds has ended up becoming a divisive factor within the elite of Lahore. Never have I seen an uglier side of the city than the side that volleyball… a supposedly fun sport. But nonetheless… it was an experiment… volleyball is thriving… within a set social circle and AAAALLL is WELL


Am sitting in Karachi right now… a break I welcome even though its for work. Staying with my “sister” Maya as if I even think of staying elsewhere she would probably personally ensure my early demise and not very pleasantly either I’m sure. We all watched the match together last night and ate copious amounts of food. My monthly ration of carbs was consumed over the period of 6 hours. ….sigh…. dieting tomorrow maybe?? then again… probably not.


Asad and Samiha… some lovely friends of mine have lent me their car thank God which doesn’t leave me at the mercy of the production house with whom I am recording a new sit com … hoping that I actually manage to spend some time bonding with them. speaking of bonding.. missing my family. My lovely girls who are sooo much fun to hang out with.. .and no this is not motherly bias talking but I have to say they have developed into lovely young ladies. and of course my wonderful husband… still known to some as Mr Delicious from my Friday Times articles… and waiting for the time to pass swiftly so I can be back home.


I don’t want to make any political comments right now on the state of the country. Quite frankly I am bored with the discourse. Its meaningless gibberish right now as so much has been said so much that its all white noise now… enough to put one to sleep… which is exactly what I am planning to do now… sleep that is… so goodnight my friends… sweet dreams