For the first time in my life I am feeling hopeless for Pakistan. I have been an impractical idealist my entire life and now finally I am saddened by own realization that …perhaps … I was wrong for not going abroad and making my life there. After all… we were the ones who kept yelling… if enough of the educated class come here …stay here… and try to make a difference in each of our spheres…we will eventually make an impact….but with deep sadness I realize that in my lifetime atleast I will not see change. The curious thing is …I remember my father coming to the same conclusion at roughly the same age and my grandmother’s disgust too many year ago…. systematically each generation is worn down leaving behind disillusioned people with a growing population filled with frustration, anger and cynicism. We have justified everything…. its because they are uneducated…its because they are poor…. its because they are the elite…its because they are in the military…its because….and the list goes on and no one… not a single person has been able to break the cycle.

Today we stand in a country which has been flood affected from the mountain tops of Chitral down to the river banks of Sind….and bigotry, target killings, corruption, murder, personal gain have found new ways to show their faces. The Ahmadi community denied shelter and aid because local clergy declare them kafir and therefore don’t have the right to aid….politicians willing to sacrifice other people’s lives and livelihoods in order to attempt to save their own lands by the flood waters…. young boys being beaten to death in the streets with onlookers simply standing by and no one willing to step forward and say STOP….this is wrong… in God’s name STOP….our President is continuing his international travels instead of perhaps saving those funds for the affectees…. women can be dragged in the streets….stripped…beaten and killed and not a word spoken for her or action taken to help her….

There was a time not that long ago…perhaps 20 years ago when poverty did not mean no honour or sense of right and wrong…. or lack of education did not mean that either…but even in the educated classes…politicians sons happily accepting money because of who they are in order to gain whatever they need….educated people staying silent over matters of right and wrong if its not directly related to them or inconvenient….for the first time I am seriously searching a map and thinking …where can my family and I migrate to….. where could we earn a living and survive…in a stable enviroment….   We have become animals. Savages.   A nation with a dead conscience…. Thankfully there are a few in the minority who still have old school values…. but unfortunately they are few and far between…. is there hope for Pakistan? Are there enough people to stand up and say STOP even if it means pissing off your best friend…or your mother…father…boss? When will we finally say ENOUGH!!!!!!!