Two Ahmedi (a muslim sect…though Pakistan has declared them as non muslims) mosques were raided and the worshippers inside attacked by armed millitants in Lahore. Two months ago…two Ahmedi brothers in Faisalabad shot in cold blood because…they were Ahmedis… the hospital where the injured from the mosque attack were taken… came under fire when militants stormed the hospital to either finish off what they started and or to take care of their comrade who was taken prisoner and was being treated at the hospital

While all this was going on tweeps were busy on Twitter tweeting away their comments, ranging from anger, disgust and cynicism . Amidst all of this I was shocked when someone actually asked me if I was Ahmedi as I guess they were surprised why I seemed so appalled at these happenings. I don’t know what appalled me more. The militants are warped and so are expected to behave in deranged ways but to have an ordinary Pakistani citizen ask me if I was Ahmedi was disappointing. Does it matter I asked? does it make a difference? shouldn’t we stand for anyone who is wronged in Pakistan? Shouldn’t we all stand together as on nation regardless of what my personal relationship with God is. All these invisible dividing lines that are now becoming more and more visible and searing through the very soul of Pakistan. Does Pakistan still exist? did it ever? Or are we just a collection of disgruntled people living under a name and a flag that actually has no meaning to us. I have my tribe…you have yours…don’t mess with me… I won’t mess with you…or I might …if I really don’t like what you’re thinking… or what you wear…or if you have too much…. or too little…. this is what we have come down to…

I am ranting again… but it is horrifying to see what we have become. Where a visit to the emergency ward of a hospital or to go worship one’s God could be one’s last.