It baffles the mind how muslim men can storm a place of worship… kill with such abandon and justify it in their heads as a crime that does not weigh as much as cartoonists in a foreign country. The Ahmedis have been targeted time and time again in Pakistan…a trend started by the way during Zulfiqar Bhutto’s time who wanted to please the clerics of that age. The police either are unable or don’t want to do anything to take extra measures to protect them. But judging by how things have been unfolding lately I think if the Ahmedis weren’t there …some other excuse would have been found…Its almost as if a whole generation of young men whose minds have been twisted by some warped sense of righteousness have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of filth as they see it… all the while being used by filthy people with their own selfish motives.

Is the army in control of Pakistan? What are the Intelligence agencies really doing? All these arms, ammunition, bombs…have to come from somewhere… they cost a lot of money… where is the source…surely these people couldn’t have been operating for so long in Pakistan and no one knows this? In which case who all is involved? and will they really be able to make it stop once their motives are achieved? Or will they sit smiling smoking cigars in some exotic foreign country surrounded by their ill gotten wealth and it not really matter that they leave a devastated country behind? So many questions…. where are the answers?? Is it RAW at work again as we are prone to say or just our own working on some devious complicated plan that benefits just a few?

I switched on the tv the other day and with sadness I watched a younger generation talk about Pakistani heroes and how we should honour them blah blah blah… and I realized..its the same talk we did when we were at that age…sweet innocence… and the cycle goes round but nothing ever changes. I have watched my closest most optimistic loved ones through the years lose hope and brightness and optimism as it slowly dawns on them that no matter how hard one tries…at the end of the day… it really makes no difference…. Too much has been damaged… from corruption at all levels to corrosion of all institutions… education, health, you name it…its been eroded away by bad policies and foolish people leading a country that should have had better leaders…had we had the wisdom to choose them and moreĀ  importantly create them. Today I am more saddened than usual by Pakistan and what we …the Pakistanis have allowed to happen to our motherland.

How dare we accuse the West of a wrong understanding of Islam when this is ..for the most part…the side of Islam that is most often shown? How dare we get indignant about cartoons that non muslims draw when our very own brothers are killing their own? When will the Muslims learn how to live?