Ok so looks like things are finally getting back into shape….

The house is looking like human beings could possibly be living here… I found a gym I am very happy with… lets just hope I am able to squeeze the time out and be consistent with it… found a new found love for Twitter…yep life is settling down.

As I tend to post news items on Twitter, I came across the news of how the Police had filed an FIR against ex President of Pakistan, Mr. Musharraf and it really ticked me off. Many are baying for his blood…usually those who are quite happy to not ask for accountability for the rest of the politicians. I believe the others did far worse damage to the country than President Musharraf, but its easier to target him than someone belonging to a political party. The biggest mistake Mush did was to bring in the NRO opening the doors for all the Zardaris and Sharifs of the world to come back . Having said that if he didnt make that move then Musharraf would have been accused of victimising the “real” politicians of Pakistan. When he did bring in the NRO did the nation respond?? NO… we sat quietly… Ch. Iftikhar and his supporters gathered together for him but as a nation we couldn’t rise to say NO to the NRO… if we had done that then the then President could have easily said that the reason the Bhutto’s and Sharif’s are not being let back in is because Pakistan has spoken out against letting them in. Well that’s history. What’s done is done. What about now? We are going to allow them to chase after a man who sincerely did have Pakistan’s best interest at heart, more so than any of the people in power now, and not ask for accountability across the board? When will we learn?

Ok .. time to go back to finishing up my home… you can follow me on Twitter if you like. @ayeshahalam see you all soon