back to the blog… well finally my husband and I made the decision and packed up our belongings to move to Lahore for a fresh start on a new adventure. It was around the same time that I decided to try Twitter. I had signed up for two months but didn’t quite get the point of Twitter. Was still in Facebook mode.  Then a friend (@ahsanshami ) taunted me and that’s what brought me back in the fold and have been addicted ever since.

Twitter helped me make the move easier. Or should I say all the friendly tweeps I found on Twitter. Anytime I had a question about the new city I was moving in to…there was usually someone on line who could help with information. It was an exciting time of discovery. Sort of like sending out a universal SMS to the world….hoping someone will read and respond.

Back to the move to Lahore. I had been warned by all my friends in Karachi and Lahore that the move to Lahore was going to be difficult because of the different mind set and I would ache to get back to my home town in a week. But no… I have actually loved every moment so far mashallah. What is frustrating is getting the house set is taking longer than I wanted it to. AC compressors blowing up because of the frequent power outages, which means the rooms then get too hot to do any work in them which means work is abandoned in that area…. aaarrgh… but still plugging along hoping things will get better soon.. have my net….:) WiFi if you please so that’s something !!!!

@farhanmasood on Twitter has started a Go Green campaign in time for Independance day. I went green. I encourage all of you to as well. It saddens me when I hear arguements against it … some of them say things like “we don’t do anything the rest of the year so why be hypcocrites?” well my response to that is even if you don’t do anything any other time… maybe the baby steps you take in greening up you dp may wake up a new awareness in you? Perhaps someone could be inspired by seeing your green mug on the side of a page… ripple affect type thingy? must we be so cynical  ALL the time… are we that hardened as a nation? Come on guys…lighten up…join the fun if only just for fun…. its a beginning at least?

Anyway enough ranting for today… I return now to unpacking and folding …. ciao