The Sharif brothers....time to go home?

The Sharif brothers....time to go home?

I had a dream. It was a terrible dream. In it there were dogs fighting and pulling and snapping at each other while they growled menacingly grabbing at a piece of meat that had already been torn to shreds….


That’s kind of how I see our politicians. They are symbolized by the dogs and the poor piece of meat is our nation. Everyone seems to just be grabbing at the meat to try and get the biggest piece possible for themselves.

This latest debacle of the Sharifs being disqualified. It does not surprise me. Not because I was expecting a cloak and dagger operation by Asif Zardari but have we really forgotten what the Sharif’s were all about when they were in power last time? Our short memories never ceases to stun me. Nawaz Sharif now claiming he never hijacked the plane as he was on the ground how could he do so. That is his arguement? and we buy it? how about the fact he was in a powerful position and gave orders to the pilot to not let that plane land in Pakistan? have we forgotten that? the problem is nothing is ever archived… and so history keeps changing depending on who is in the seat of power at the time.

Had the Sharif brothers truly respected democracy and truly wanted peace in the country, I would have expected them to focus on issues that the country is dealing with that need to be urgently seen to… economically, our tribal areas, education, these are areas that need to be seen to. If they were sincere, I would …had I been in their place… when this verdict came in… been astute politicians and rather than creating more chaos in the country… which is already in a fragile state…. accepted it…stepped down… and said ok… these are the people we put forward now to represent the party…. it is after all a democratic system…. if the Sharif brothers are not there…the party should not fall apart….

simply put up other reps from the party and go re election?

Instead they are asking for street agitation! it is exactly these tactics that derails the country each and every time. I would like to know if the judiciary had ruled in favour of the Sharif brothers…would they make the same noises about the judiciary ? or would that be ok? same thing….If your ruling pleases me… I’m ok with it..if not…. I will cry blue murder…. and these are the “mature” politicians all our “senior analysts” were hailing as the future of Pakistan? “Give the system a chance to work” is the normal cry that people love to say…. What system????? even your “democratically” elected leaders don’t follow a system…its always their way or the highway… Sit down Sharif boys. time to take a back seat and elect someone else to lead your party. Enough is Enough.