Have any of you noticed how the Swat / Taliban issue is finally being discussed more vociferously in the govt sectors these days? I believe … that it is because of people like you who have been posting on articles… or forwarding articles through social networks (facebook etc) talking about it wherever whenever… that has really caused enough ripples to cause the govt now to sit up and realize that yes…this is a problem that is to be taken seriously…

don’t underestimate the power of our voice… a seemingly ineffective thing like forwarding posts is actually more powerful than you know… so keep it going… step up the pressure however you can .. we cannot allow the Taliban to take over Pakistan

Karachi.. which is known as a modern metropolitan city has started being infiltrated by Taliban elements already. There are apparently people in areas like PECHS who have reported that bearded men have been appearing at their gates and demanding that all the men of the house better be seen in the mosques for prayers… it has started people… and the time to make a noise is now… I cannot reiterate this enough.. wherever.. speak to people.. we all have different circles… we all “know” people… get the word out to as many people as possible… why is the govt not doing more to stop this?

Journalists have been specifically stopped at checkpoints before entering Swat with the words “all this press stuff may work in Pakistan..but it doesn’t work here”
Work in Pakistan but not here? are they trying to say that Swat is no longer a part of Pakistan? why is the civilian govt not sending the army in ? Is Zardari so weak and insecure that he doesn’t want to be seen leaning on the army? what’s the reason for them not acting? they have already delayed far tooo long.. What is going on?? The army won’t act on its own as it shouldn’t because if they do… they will receive all kinds of flak for taking matters into their own hands as we have seen people react to them in the past… Civilian govt just does not want to take any responsibility for any tough decisions… This is totally ridiculous…

Would love to get your thoughts on this