On another note I was driving down to Clifton the other day… and as I was coming up from the underpass face “do Talwar” I noticed PPP flags lining the avenue…. and I got to thinking… In other countries… atleast the ones I have travelled to … Malaysia being the last example where I saw this done… one sees more of the National flag fluttering around everywhere… not just pulled out on their National day…but its a part of the city.. on roads… everywhere… in Pakistan…one sees more of the flags of the political parties depending on who won and which area one is in as opposed to Pakistan’s flag… guess that says a lot! Any political party that comes into power wants to stamp into our minds that now it is the PPP or the MQM or PML(N) or is it (Q) or XYZ…..whoever is in power at that time and place.   Street’s names are changed to satisfy egos…. I even heard that our sitting President even tried to have the name of the Agha Khan University Hospital changed to ….you guessed it… Benazir Bhutto Hospital! I’m surprised that we don’t have a province or city renamed…or why stop there…lets just rename the whole country… names like Bhuttostan….? I do not deny that the way Benazir Bhutto was killed was  a terrible thing…but that in no way makes her a saint of this country… we have such short memories…. Doesn’t anyone remember what it was like the first time she was in power? or how about the second? and now we have the same party back in power not because of democracy… because I think its a pretty well established fact that democracy in Pakistan right now is a joke… but  for whatever higher reason the powers that be have decided that these guys need to be there…. and we keep accepting…those of us who can and want to leave the country….those of us who can’t be bothered to just stay silent, stay under the radar and hope somehow that atleast “we” won’t be affected…… Just random ramblings….thought I’d share 🙂