A world apart from us... can we survive together as a country? (Photography by Author)

So this evening I went to the American club with some friends….for some of us its an interesting place to go because one can chill…buy drinks at a bar like one would anywhere in the world where that kind of thing is normal …maybe make some new friends…good fun. Of course getting in to the club is a trial of patience as there are security checks in case we represent any kind of hazard to the community there…which is understandable given the current situation and Karachi’s track record. Once we were in and our friends had started warming up…. some Americans came in…the real kind…u know…gora chita type…and we all got talking. I was telling one of them about how much they were missing out on because they hadn’t had a chance to get out and really experience the country…to meet real people and develop relationships with just the average joe out there. I was asked what kept me here and as I broke off into a monologue of how much I loved the country it was a good reminder to myself. I think we forget….for the most part…the things we do love about Pakistan. Its so easy to get caught up in the fact that now Asif Zardari is our President…or that electricity is even more scarce now than 10 years ago….or that the Taliban have installed Sharia Law in Hangu and who knows if they will finally come to my neck of the woods and not allow me to listen to music…or drive or even be seen out in the bazaar…. 

Yes that’s what I said…I don’t know if many Pakistani’s read that newspaper item in the paper this morning and if it caused any alarm for anyone. Or are we going to have the same laissez faire attitude of “if it doesn’t affect me I don’t care”.  I haven’t seen anyone making a fuss over this…least of all the government….who should be concerned considering we now have a state within a state….isn’t that a threat to our National Security ? Is anyone paying attention?? I remember when the Swat situation was erupting and I had my show on Dawn tv… it was the same thing… every two days there would be reports of strange things happening and no one paid attention… was too far away and secluded from “us” who mattered to really worry about that. Today Swat cannot be accessed without serious threat to our lives…. We are losing bits of Pakistan piece by piece . We are witnessing it happen and nothing can be done about it… and soon…. pleasant bar conversations about my country will be limited to memories of a more pleasant time in what used to be Pakistan if we are not careful