if you’re wondering where I got off to…I just decided that rather than debate over issues that have been beated to death…was better to just wait and see what the elections brought us and take it from there…so despite all the critics saying elections wouldn’t happen …they did… they said emergency wouldn’t be lifted…it was….they said uniform would never come off…it did…they were all wrong…

There is a great saying…be careful what you ask for …as you may just get it… and today Pakistan has gotten Asif Ali Zardari as the man leading Pakistan into the future… I wonder what you are all thinking about that?

My reaction is … well… we’re here.. and we are going to have to deal with it…but this is the real time for civil society to be diligent and alert so as repetitions of the man’s history do not occur. Nawaz Sharif is still whining like a baby about what he wants and to me as a normal citizen…all i want to say is “oh for crying out loud…just get on with the business of dealing with the problems that ordinary Pakistanis have to deal with” If that means working with whoever you need to …then do it….just get the job done.