ok… dropping the political conversation today. What is about the mom’s who have been there done that…. who take a perverse pleasure in scaring of newbie moms to be… of which ..yes I am guilty too. You know what I mean… any time one sees a pregnant woman…and if you find out she’s  a newbie…its like the devil inside of you surfaces and immediately you want to take her under your wing and give her every last gory detail of discomfort , pain, trial and tribulation one can possibly remember… to ensure they share your painful glory.

and why do newbie moms feel they have to go through pain in delivery? You get no extra points for pain endured… no medals… and modern medicine has enable the process to be…though not entirely pain free…but less painful…which is always helpful. Its ok to make it easier for yourselves… there will be plenty of stuff to feel guilt for later as the kids grow up… trust me…

ah guilt… a tool our mothers used and probably one we will use on our children… serves well in dire times where all other means of threats have outworn their use… sigh… good old fashioned up bringing with good old fashioned values.