Today was a show I truly enjoyed doing. We had Sheikh Rasheed on as our guest and he always makes for good fun television… πŸ™‚ On a more serious note it was also interesting to have a political analyst Mr. Shahid Ameen on the show. We talked about the latest US intelligence reports on Iran’s nuclear program and its contradictions with the Bush Administration’s claims… we also talked about the current situation in Pakistan and it was interesting to hear him concede that yes…the emergency imposed on the country has been instrumental in quelling the violence in the NWFP. “you can’t have a state within a state”

Its such a shame that when the Emergency was imposed everyone came out and made a big thing about it instead of understanding why it was being imposed and why it was necessary at the time to stabilize the country. Unfortunately the present govt also reacted to all the civil reactions and a bad situation became worse. Hopefully now that the situation is the NWFP is returning back to normal….Emergency will be lifted by the 16th as promised by the President and we all get back on track. So why the Emergency? because the MMA were not giving the army a green signal to go in and operate functionally to be able to quell the insurgencies….

I hope some lessons will be learned from this episode…first as a society we need to stop being so reactionary and first try to understand the situation and react as and when needed. If we hit the code RED button at everything…. there will come a time when like the CRy wolf story…civil society will stop responding as the feeling will be “har baat pay drama’

Also the govt… present or future need to stop relying solely on the military. I know there are factions in the NWFP *(have to stop saying Northern Areas as that is a different region and is not the area we are talking about ) who are not at all interested in democracy but that is where on the ground action with people to people contact needs to happen and to educate the people…empower them, build up our rural areas to give everyone a decent means of income, and i believe the people will flourish and not be misled by the sort who are hell bent on their own agendas…..