Today I met Sarmad Tariq. He is an inspiration. He is a motivational speaker, a life coach…. a fab zest for life and all this while in a wheelchair. He certainly does not want to be credited as a disabled person but to be treated normally and be in mainstream society but it was interesting meeting and talking with him and finding out about attitudes of people towards the disabled. Simple things like how when we see someone in a wheelchair people tend to try not to make eye contact…. as if the person did not exist…probably their own embarrasment at their inability to handle the situation . Very inspirational.

Politics seem kind of cold these days. Politicians still trying to figure out if they should boycott the elections which doesn’t make sense to me… 16th December the emergency will be lifted according to President Musharraf. The Swat situation seems to be more or less back under control thank God.  Apparently international agencies will be monitoring the elections to ensure transparency and fairness….so why the drama??? sigh…. we just love to scream foul before even playing the game…. and these are from seasoned politicians…. when will the maturity finally happen????