Ayeshah asks:
we all believe in freedom of speech, press… do you think the media has handled the freedom they did experience in Pakistan before the imposition of Emergency responsibly?

Sajid Ghafoor Sajid Ghafoor:

I think in some cases they went over board

Ali Raza:why dont we as a nation have patience to see things evolve….

Ambreen Haider Ambreen Haider:…the world is demanding of pakistan what some consider dreadful, myself included. why cant ouor media be as composed and pleasant as BBC? we try to be.. fox news and sky news! ’nuff said.Ambreen Haider:on top of that the media got freedom the press has nevver experienced in the country’s history. if it was responsible, it would present the pros and cons alike, which it did not. the world sees the emotional drama the media has to portray, based on which.Ambreen Haider Ambreen Haider:media is supposed to be factual, and unbiased. i feel some of the media did tend to get a bit carried away with the hullaballoo when there was none. they made it an emotional campaign instead. remember all the blood and limbs at each bomb over the years?

Ankur Tewari Ankur Tewari:A film maker is always as good as his last film. A politician as good as his last action. I think the media has conveniently forgotten the good the man in the uniform has done for the nation. It might not seem so but he has always put nation before self..