hmm… a lot of brouhaha being made about Geo and Ary being off the air waves in Pakistan. Don’t get me wrong.. I am all for freedom of speech…but when you’re in a postition where people take your word as the gospel truth… a lot of thought needs to go in to what you say before you say it… Take for example one scenario

Geo starts to run a ticker… RUMOURS that Gen Pervez Musharraf is under house arrest. Next thing you know the markets panic, stocks plunge, investors panic, want to pull out….and you start a domino effect of even more crisis and turmoil in an already sensitive country. Politicians showing their pull on the streets which makes things look even worse… and we go on and on…

as journalists…its our job to report FACTS, not sensationalize with speculations… its also our job to look at ALL the FACTS. The media has not been very responsible in this aspect and needs to learn from its past mistakes. Having said that the press should be given its freedom…. and hopefully it will be a maturer media that grows from strength to strength