ah…finally got back to the BAD show…. that’s our inside joke for Breakfast At Dawn… I had taken 10 days off … one week was legal as i had a flu and couldn’t speak… and considering its a morning talk show, lack of voice meant I was redundant! By the time I was up on my feet was feeling kind of burn out and sorry for myself for my lack of a life with sleeping by 10 p.m to wake up at 4 a.m to be at work by 5:30 am…. do I hear violins anywhere? hmm… didn’t think so… oh well back to the grind… still feeling burnt out but taking a short break again soon which will be nice.

Felt good to be back at work and in the thick of things. Felt great to be talking to my colleagues and discussing journalists and their protests. I played the Devil’s Advocate (;)) and basically asked if perhaps the media had not acted responsibly at some points and did go overboard and therefore can we honestly blame the govt for clamping down on the media. Mubasshir Zaidi gave a fantastic response.. I was so proud of him ..I wanted to hug him… very rightly he said the govt has its own state channel…use that… get your spin doctors and tell the country your side of the story… our job is to report what is happening on the ground…

Problem is no one takes the state channels seriously because its known for its stance… with the result that ppl are generally watching the private channels for news updates and they only get that point of view… not the other side… is that fair too I ask?? how do you feel?? anyone out there reading?

Well time to take a cat nap so i can deal with my kids when they get home. later!