Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Imran Khan

Someone sms’d me something I’m supposed to forward to everyone…you know those mass sms type thingies that are supposed to motivate civil society to motivated excitement?

Islami Jamiat Talba handed Imran Khan 2 Punjab Police today after locking him in physics dept. Does it show Military Mullah Alliance is still on? Please circulate

All I have to say is (chuckle) Thank God Imran has been put into custody.. mad man… sorry…. again…just my humble opinion…. he’s just another person exploiting the situation and trying to cash in on the situation as a freedom fighter…. (laugh)… I don’t buy it!!!!! how about you?

Ayeshah Alam at 8:54 PM


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This not going to be popular

ok… so I’m back… because after a long time I feel I have something to say. I am disappointed in how everyone has been getting on the bandwagon to bash Mush. But when exactly did the present judiciary become such heroes? hello…. does anyone remember that this is the same Chaudhry Iftikhar who took his oath under the PCO back in 02? or was it 01? the point is he took it…why was it ok then and not ok now???????

The media?? well lets take an honest look at some of what Geo (fox of Pakistan) have been putting out there…. one would think the country was burning down at the way the country is being presented. Naturally the rest of the world will panic.

and right now we’re just seeing both sides of the table react to each other….. the govt perhaps is overreacting…the politicians and media inciting the people…which causes more reactions and its all snowballing…. the mullahs don’t need to do a thing…they can just sit back…watch us destabilize ourselves… and being the most organised group in the country… calmly come and take over when the you know what hits the fan.

The students are being excited and its great to see them excited and be involved… but can we not lead them on this panic streak. We as a nation are so used to pulling everyone down… Mush been there too long…lets pull him down now… how about leading the country with him.?

Benazir is ok to come back??? have we forgotten what she and her husband did??? but its ok because she is a woman and doesn’t wear a uniform??

lets focus instead on education. a friend of mine made a very good point….no one… no one…talks and does anything about education in this country which is ironic considering it is the one basic aspect that needs to seriously be looked at. Here is another interesting fact… this govt has given more autonomy to the education dept than any other govt has. Civil society has not stepped up and taken responsibility. We are more interested in politics, and the judiciary. We are responsible for where our country is headed just as much as the leaders military or otherwise. True the govt has a responsibility as well but then step up and hold them accountable to it.

Imran Khan is running around giving interviews in secret while Jemima has seized the opportunity to cash in on the press moment and that’s ok? Don’t get me wrong… I adore Imran Khan as the cricketer and I think he has done fab work for the cancer hospital…as a politician..nah….no faith in him there.

Just my opinion. Its very easy to get caught up in the moment of demonstrations against what are our rights…and yes they are … and yes we should have them. But along with those rights come responsibility and we need to own up to them. I think at this point we need to back our President and fight extremism with him…. and yes the uniform will come in handy at this point whether we like it or not….its not the only way… talks need to happen too..I agree….

And i certainly don’t think we should object when foreign reporters in my country are thrown out , who know nothing or care nothing about the realities and are only mirroring what the west is propogating because it is politically correct in the rest of the world… come and hurl insults at my President.. who by the way… represents you… and me….

United we stand…divided we fall….. lets all get on the same page … we can have opposing views but we don’t have to tear the country apart to have ourselves heard. Everyone is taking the “my way or the highway “stand….. what good does that do anyone? least of all Pakistan?

Ayeshah Alam at 7:57 PM


Sunday, December 31, 2006

Voila..another year gone

so.. here we are… I stare 2007 in the face and wonder what wonders and disasters it will show me. 2006 was pretty disastrous… discovered things about people who i loved and were close to me that I really didn’t want to… been let down and stabbed in the back… people’s true colours came through… all in all a fairly disappointing year. So as I look ahead what do i think and hope for? It bloody be a better year than 2006 is the first thought that comes to mind. I hope it restores my faith in love, loyalty and friendship. Values, and principals. good guys do finish first sometimes. bell is ringing.. must be some of my friends urging me to come join the fanfare outside… I suppose i should go.. check it out again .. maybe something worthwhile could be found…..?

Ayeshah Alam at 9:47 PM


Saturday, May 27, 2006

The search

hi guys

I know this is going to sound crazy but aren’t you tired of the way extremists have hijacked our religion? Today people are afraid to say anything on the grounds that ” I am not a scholar” “I’m not really sure what it says..” and that lack of knowledge is the reason why most of the “liberal” lot are being bullied into believing certain things…which as I am discovering ..if you read to understand what the Quran says… 70% of what we believe to be true is false. The Quran does not state or says the opposite of what we think it says. All it takes is us taking the time to read and understand it. From my understanding the Quran was not sent down just for scholars and maulvis to explain to us how to live our lives… I encourage you to look into The Book to see for yourself the message that God has sent for you.

No I haven’t lost it.. and I’m not a fundo as you all very well know… just talking from personal experience… lets talk about this.. anyone?

Ayeshah Alam at 9:12 AM


Sunday, March 26, 2006

I’m back

….which is not necessarily a good thing…but nonetheless…there you have it. Two months of no blogging only because I had been advised by my friend..the Little One…that all blog sites have been blocked due to blasphemous cartoons being all over the place…messy thing…freedom of speech…responsibility that goes with that freedom….

No more Friday Times Articles….which is a relief..I’m not a writer..never claimed to be…resigned and now I’m free to crap on my page on the net…just blabberings of nothing… kind of like a private diary that isn’t …

Looking for material for Cutting Edge if anyone happens to stagger across the show and is willing to help out with material…its a satirical show on goings on. Its funny…we did a whole spoof on the new criminals of the country being kite flyers and makers and some people actually thought it was a serious call against them….oh well….maybe we should explain satire first. The really weak jokes seem to make it through….the innuendos… blah blah blah…. win some lose some… what to do!

Ayeshah Alam at 11:13 AM


Thursday, January 26, 2006


humour is a great weapon. It can be used as a defence mechanism, can be used as a perfect ice breaker in a tough situation… and sometimes just used to cover up and distract people from what you don’t want them to see or know. Trouble is when too much of it is used… then you achieve what you set out to do in the first place, and people stop looking for anything else. I know someone who has very strong defence mechanisms in place. The fort is almost impenetrable. He wonders why he is so misunderstood. Its because he doesn’t let people in that people eventually stop trying to get in.. its gets tiring… exhausting and sometimes…not worth the pain and effort…. or is it?

Ayeshah Alam at 7:52 AM


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

how do you know

how do you know when something is not worth holding on to ? how do you know what is the right way to worship… by the time we find the answers to these all probability it will be too late. Too often we hang on to the wrong relationships because deep down one is scared there will be nothing else out there… worship… what is that about… a way to communicate with God… give Him glory and complete submission in our lives… so if we use the Bible, the Torah or the Quran, does it really matter? He created everyone with their books and at the end of the day He wants man to submit to Him right? you’re probably wondering what I’m going on about. After all, relationships and religion are two separate things…yes …I suppose you’re right… but these were the two burning questions in my mind this morning…thought I’d share!